Caniad are involved in the North Wales Area Planning Board meetings. 

We are involved in the Harm Reduction Group and give feedback about peoples expriences. 

We have a place at the Delivery Group, this group looks at services and how they are delivered and if they can be improved 

We also sit around the table at the Area Planning Board, where all the strategic decisions are made, they look at funding for services, and gaps in service that need development. 


If you are interested in getting involved in any of the above please get in touch 

Marketing Group 

We have a marketing group that updates all of Caniad’s promotional material. They update leaflets about the service, make short films about the service and support others to make informational films. 

Up date this website, do presentations about Caniad and look at networking. 


Value Based Interviews (VBI’s)

Explanation of Interviews –  



The difference between a clinical interview and a VBI interview is the clinical interview process will determine accountability, safeguarding and processes.  The VBI will look into the human side of the candidate and their morals and values through a gentle approach to recruiting.  Clinical interviews are normally hosted by a professional panel. 


Value Based Interviews: 

VBI is a way of helping organisations to recruit the most suitable people to work with children or vulnerable adults. It helps employers assess the values, motives and attitudes of those who are applying for jobs. It focuses on “how” and “why” an applicant makes choices in work and seeks to explore reasons for their behaviour. The VBI method builds on good recruitment and safeguarding practice. It is not a substitute for good pre-employment checks or sound general recruitment. It relies on an organisational commitment to high standards of safer recruitment and staff training from the top and a culture where safety and wellbeing are paramount. 

We work closely with all services, if you would like more information about how to get involved then please contact us. Your experience of using services will help shape services for the furture