About Us

About Caniad

Caniad has established a single point of access for all service user and carer involvement across North Wales: this ensures equity across the region and safeguards meaningful involvement opportunities in each area. A Freephone telephone number and a central email address allows for consistency for people who use services. Caniad Co-ordinators work closely with each other in each region to ensure those with co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Misuse problems have consistency and that services are not duplicated; therefore, avoiding the risk of any gaps in service.

Caniad has supported people who use services, their carers and families to understand the opportunities for involvement, the support that they can expect and what responsibilities accompany involvement. This has been achieved via training, and completing involvement plans, which are person centred and outcome focused.

Working together as a combined voice- empowering positive involvement through unity

Caniad supports people who want to have their voices heard, influence decisions, and help to shape mental health and substance misuse services. Our model, which is used as a framework to help involve more people in these vital areas. Our structure has been developed by a panel of people who use mental health and substance misuse services, and their carers, across all six counties of North Wales.  Our service has been built upon a ladder of participation and co-production.


The service employs a team of 7 staff and provide training and support for the development of existing and new service user and carer forums.

The Caniad panel is an advisory panel, that supports Caniad to deliver the service. Together we look at monitoring, ensuring that the contract is delivered and that Caniad meets all its targets. The Caniad panel also support with setting budgets and arrange the Shining Star Awards. It is the Caniad Panel that shortlist and select the nominations for the big night. If you would like to get involved in the Caniad Panel, then please contact our panel members above.