Case Studies

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Liz Craig Caniad Representative

Value based interviewing

The first interview I did I was nervous and worried that I might say the wrong thing. As a carer I felt that it was important to appoint the right person. Caniad supported me all the way. I felt an equal on the panel and very much involved in the whole process. It has given me confidence and I have learnt a lot and look forward to doing more.

Debbie Caniad Involver

My name is Debbie. I’m 37 years old. I was in active addiction on and off for 23 years, it took me to some dark places where inside I was dead, and my mind was slowly dying with it. I was a service user on and off for the past 10 years. My addictions brought me to my knees, only then was I ready to accept help. I have now been in recovery for over 6 months. When I was approached by Caniad to be part of a “Value based interviews” panel, I wondered whether my input would have any impact at all, my reservations were quickly diminished. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, and to play an active role in helping choose the best candidate for the job role … a person that I would feel I could connect with in my darkest times if I was still in active addiction. I feel privileged to of been asked to be a part of this extremely important part of the interview process. My hope is that this form of interviewing is rolled out across the board eventually. Service users deserve a voice, and now they are finally being heard.Thank you again for letting me be a part of this process, and I look forward to continuing on with my involvement within services, and making a difference.

Sara Caniad Involver

I found the involvement of service users and the process invaluable to the interview process – those applicants who commented found the experience beneficial and liked the separate interview. The discussions following were also interesting in that both panels agreed on the same candidates. I feel that it should continue and be expanded to all areas. Sara

Pam Caniad Involver

I find the interview process with Caniad very relaxing, much more so than with Unllais when professionals were included; that was more formal, stressful and confusing as I had to mark questions I had no real knowledge of. I used to enjoy it to a certain extent but I couldn’t really “be myself”. The new method also gives me chance to get to know other service-users/carers, to exchange ideas and information and increase my own social skills – I find that conversation flows freely and I enjoy the banter. We have a common bond through lived experience so I feel safe – I find it extremely empowering Pam