Caniad: Promoting Positive Change in North Wales

Improving Lives Together.

Welcome to the Priorities page at Caniad, where engagement takes centre stage as a top priority. We’re dedicated to ensuring our presence is felt and valued. With a strong commitment to incorporating service user and carer perspectives, we continuously strive for improvement. Here, we outline the key priorities driving our ongoing efforts to create a positive impact in the community.

Increased focus on engagement:

Increased engagement with all service users and carer representatives involved with the programme.  Particular consideration given to service users or carer representatives.

Service User and Carer representatives experience of BCUHB services:

Continue to promote co-production to Caniad members, APB and BCUHB colleagues. Caniad members to visit to hubs or engage with services and continue to support Valued-based interviews and to ensure equity of opportunity for involvement is afforded to all Caniad members. 

Attendance at meetings:

Caniad to have a presence at meetings on a monthly/quarterly basis for BCUHB and APB.

Tier 4:

Caniad attendance at wards and rehabs across North Wales, engage with individuals and feedback around facility and community support. 

Digital Inclusion:

Caniad to engage with service users and carers, offering digital training to improve digital access. 

Big Chats:

Caniad to continue with monthly Big Chats across North Wales, capture feedback and information share with service users, carers and service providers. 

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