Who is a Caniad Service User ?

At Caniad, we regard individuals with lived experience as valuable contributors.


We recognise that navigating difficult circumstances often brings an unparalleled depth of understanding and wisdom. The unique perspective of community services gives us a level of detail capable of reshaping the very foundation of our support systems. Whether you have encountered mental health struggles, battled addiction, or overcome obstacles, your path is significant, and it carries the potential to motivate, lead, and uplift those around you.


Caniad is built on the belief that everyone’s voice matters. Both service users and dedicated carers play a pivotal role in reshaping the future of our community. We’re not just seeking participation; we’re inviting you to be a part of a project that empowers, supports, and ensures that your past does not define you, but propels you toward a new, positive future.


At Caniad, we’re dedicated to creating a powerful platform where professionals, services, carers, and service users, come together to ignite positive change within our community. We’re not just an organisation; we’re a collective of passionate individuals committed to making a real impact.


A Caniad Involver could be someone who has provided care for an individual utilising mental health or substance misuse services. This might include family members or friends. Carers may have also engaged with services like Family Support Services. At Caniad, the voice of a carer is just as significant as that of the service user.


Service User:

A Caniad Service User is someone who has first-hand experience of community services such as mental health or substance misuse services. This lived experience is crucial for enhancing service delivery as it offers insights into the gaps and details that can only be understood through personal engagement.



A Caniad Involver participates actively, attending pathway meetings, representing Caniad at events, and engaging in focus groups. In addition, Caniad Involvers undergo training in committee skills and VBI (Values-Based Indicators), enhancing their capacity to contribute effectively.


Caniad welcomes volunteers who contribute to our service. To join as a Caniad Volunteer, reach out to Adferiad Volunteering at volunteering@adferiad.org.

Your involvement makes a difference.

Turning Experience into Impact

We understand the significance of your lived experience in issues like mental health and addiction. That’s why Caniad is committed to providing a one-of-a-kind platform, allowing any individual with a personal journey to actively shape and influence community services. Collaborating with professionals, doctors, and project leaders, involvers help to drive transformative changes that have a lasting impact.


At Caniad, we’ve gained valuable insights from the feedback provided by the dedicated Involvers who have already supported our mission. These insights have revealed recurring themes that serve as crucial touchpoints for our continued progress. By addressing these common themes, we can work together to overcome challenges and shape a more effective support system.


These are some of the challenges encountered by individuals within the community-


  • Finding Help: Facing uncertainty when it comes to identifying sources of assistance and guidance.
  • Seeking Help: Understanding when is the right time to seek help and identifying personal thresholds.
  • Prompt Support: Recognising the significance of timely responses and interventions to provide the necessary aid.
  • Feeling Prioritised: Overcoming the feeling of being disregarded or undervalued, and ensuring that each voice is heard and valued.
  • Avoiding Abandonment: Addressing feelings of neglect during prolonged referral processes, emphasising the need for frequent communication and support.


Together, we can build a more responsive and inclusive environment where these themes no longer hinder individuals in their journey toward well-being.

Join Us, Shape Us

Our mission extends beyond just collecting feedback; it’s about using the strengths of individuals to co-creating a support system that truly reflects the needs of the community. The journey might have been different for each of us, but ultimately we all want to reach the same destination – a society where each voice matters, every journey is valued and positive change is a shared reality.

Are you ready to be an involver, to ignite change, and to leave a lasting impact on the mental health and well-being of North Wales?

Join us at Caniad - let your experience lead the way.