Training Opportunities

Digital Training:

Caniad are hosting digital inclusion training, which will be delivered by Cwmpas. The training will be tailored to the need of the service users and carers and is available for individuals accessing mental health and substance misuse services. Examples of the training that could be offered are:

  • How to use email
  • Microsoft Applications such as Word, Excel etc., and Google applications such as Google Docs, Google Slides etc.
  • Online safety
  • How to access online appointments with GP’s, online banking, universal credits etc.
  • Work Package e.g., writing a CV, improving digital literacy etc.

Digital Training is available for anyone accessing substance misuse or mental health services, the below training is specific to Caniad Involvers, to become an involver or find out more visit our Become an Involver page

Committee Skills Training:

The Committee Skills Training is given to those who wish to take part in meetings, whether that be the pathway meetings or our Caniad meetings. The aims and the objectives of the training are:

  • To gain an understanding of Terms of Reference​
  • To understand the key role of the meeting chair​
  • To understand the need for minutes and an agenda​
  • To understand why boundaries are important​
  • Why there is a need to agree meeting boundaries​
  • What is meeting etiquette and why it is important

The Idea is to help you gain an understanding of the terms used in meetings, how they work, what they’re for and the etiquette to be had within a meeting”.

Value Based Interviews Training:

Value Based Interviews are a way of helping organisations to recruit the most suitable people to work with children or vulnerable adults. It helps employers assess the values, motives and attitudes of those who are applying for jobs. It focuses on “how” and “why” an applicant makes choices in work and seeks to explore reasons for their behaviour. The VBI method builds on good recruitment and safeguarding practice. It is not a substitute for good pre-employment checks or sound general recruitment. It relies on an organisational commitment to high standards of safer recruitment and staff training from the top and a culture where safety and wellbeing are paramount.

What is your gut feeling around the candidate?  Which direction is your moral compass pointing?  The person you will recruit at the end of this process is the person that you feel you could work with. The idea of Values Based Interviewing is to get to the values of the candidate, and not the clinical/professional knowledge of the candidate.

For more information on any other training, please contact us.