Become a Caniad Involver

Could you help to shape a brighter future for mental health, substance misuse and community well-being?


There are many ways in which to support Caniad and people choose to engage in a variety of ways. Our service has been built upon a ladder of participation model; a framework that allows people to contribute as much or as little as they like from informal involvement all the way through to volunteering or paid employment, for more information on this please click the button below.

Joining Caniad as an involver offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond personal development:


    Discover New Skills

    Embrace the opportunity to learn and acquire new skills that enhance your personal and professional repertoire.

    Peer Support

    Connect with a diverse community of individuals who’ve walked similar paths, providing and receiving support that’s truly impactful.

    Foster Collaborative Thinking

    Engage in collaborative thinking that harnesses the collective power of diverse perspectives, paving the way for innovative solutions.

    Expand Your Network

    Forge meaningful connections and friendships, opening doors to a world of new possibilities and experiences.

    Navigate Research Projects and Funding

    Gain an understanding of research projects, funding mechanisms, and services, becoming an informed advocate for positive change.

    Experience Personal Validation

    Your journey matters, and by sharing it, you not only validate your experiences but also empower others to do the same.

    Boost Confidence

    As you contribute to shaping our community’s future, witness your confidence soar to new heights.

    Witness Ideas in Action

    See your ideas come to life as they drive tangible, positive transformations within the community.


     Engagement Opportunities

    People from all walks of life become our service users and carers, and their diverse backgrounds bring our service to life. We know that some might want to get involved a little or a lot. That’s why we made a system where you can contribute in different ways – from sharing your thoughts now and then, to helping as a volunteer, or even working for us and getting paid.


    Engaging with Caniad can open doors to various opportunities. These engagement opportunities may include:

    • Carrying out Value-Based Interviews – aiding in health board personnel recruitment.
    • Joining events to promote Caniad.
    • Attending the Marketing Group – planning events, being involved in website and social media posts and looking at outreach opportunities etc.
    • Participating in pathway meetings alongside the Area Planning Board and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.
    • Peer support – training new Caniad Involvers and supporting them in their involvement journey.
    • Being a part of focus groups – sharing your experiences and recommendations. 

    Plus more!

    We provide training and support for new involvers – check the Training Opportunities page for specifics.

    Are you ready to be an involver, to ignite change, and to leave a lasting impact on the mental health and well-being of North Wales?

    To learn more, reach out to a Caniad Coordinator or fill in the referral form below.