About Caniad

Caniad supports people who want to have their voices heard, influence decisions, and help to shape mental health and substance misuse services.

Our model, which is used as a framework to help involve more people in these vital areas.

Our structure has been developed by a panel of people who use mental health and substance misuse services, and their carers, across all six counties of North Wales. 

Our service has been built upon a ladder of participation and co-production.


Caniad offers support throughout North Wales and as such our Staff is spread across the entirety, divided between West, Central, and East. For more information about which location is closest to you, please select from the Counties dropdown menu.

North West Wales

Abbey Road Centre, Bangor
Covering Gwynedd & Anglesey

North Central Wales

Dawn Centre, Colwyn Bay
Covering Conwy & Denbighshire

North East Wales

Ty Derbyn, Wrexham
Covering Flintshire & Wrexham

Staff Referrals

If you are interested in signing up with Caniad, or are a carer who would like to sign someone up, please either download our referral form here, fill in our digital form at the top, or contact us for more information.

Caniad Awards


Caniad recognises the importance of partnership working, so each year the Caniad Panel celebrate coproduction, by holding the Caniad Awards.

This is an opportunity to celebrate coproduction and all the hard work that has taken place in the previous 12 months. People are nominated by colleagues, people who use services or Caniad involvers. The Caniad Panel have the difficult job of shortlisting and picking out the shining stars.

Caniad Panel

Original Caniad Panel Members with Lesley Singleton of BCUHB at the launch of Caniad 2016

The Caniad panel is an advisory panel, that supports Caniad to deliver the service. Together we look at monitoring, ensuring that the contract is delivered and that Caniad meets all its targets. The Caniad panel also support with setting budgets and arrange the Shining Star Awards. It is the Caniad Panel that shortlist and select the nominations for the big night. If you would like to get involved in the Caniad Panel, then please contact our panel members above. 

Stephen Beach, Caniad Panel Chair

Amber O'hara

Amber O'hara

Caniad Forum

The Forum is the key information sharing group. All feedback and information on services goes to The Forum. The Forum then disseminate the information to local areas to ask for feedback. The Forum is an important group, as all information is brought here, including information on service design, delivery and improvement. Reports are also sent to Forum members on meetings attended, requests for support from the Area Planning Board and the Mental Health Division come via the Forum. If you would like more information or would like to join the Forum then please contact amber.ohara@caniad.org.uk

Caniad 360

Caniad worked with the Area Planning Board and the Mental Health Division to hold an event solely based around crisis, we looked at good practice, what is needed and experiences of people who have been in crisis. If you would like a copy of the report, please email caniad@caniad.org.uk