Improving Lives Together

Welcome to Caniad, a support project based in North Wales dedicated to improving community services for all. Caniad recognises that individuals with lived experience of issues such as addiction and mental health challenges, have a vital role to play in facilitating improvements in local services. Could your voice inspire positive change?

Who We Are

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We are a service working for change. 

It is our mission to provide a platform where professionals, services, carers and Service Users can come together to create positive change within the community.   Uniting different perspectives is our passion.  At Caniad, we believe that both Service Users and carers have a vital role to play in actively contributing and influencing our support systems.  We want to empower people and to show that with the right support and mindset, past experiences can shape a brand new future.


Have your say, let your experience lead the way.

What We Do

We build connections…

…Through our CATCH-UPS

Catch-ups (formerly Big Chats) are open drop-in groups where anyone is welcome.

We discuss topics around mental health and substance misuse services, collect feedback and share information. They are a good opportunity to meet and find out more about various service providers within North Wales, find out more about Caniad and chat with people who may have had similar experiences.

We work closely with local services and with the people that access services to improve facilities for all.  We collaborate with individuals who have first-hand experience of services within the local community. The Service User perspective is of utmost importance in making a meaningful impact on behalf of others. We firmly believe that those who use community services at grass roots level are the best people to shape their future, and we wholeheartedly welcome responses from people who have accessed support. This feedback is invaluable in identifying areas for improvement and ensuring the development of better community services for all.

Click the link to find out when the next Catch-up in your area is!


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Get Involved

Your Feedback Matters.

By sharing your experiences and insights, you can make a significant contribution to positive change and potentially inspire or empower others who may be facing similar challenges. That’s why we are dedicated to engaging people with lived experience of mental health and substance misuse problems, as well as carers, in decisions about how these services should be delivered. We believe that involving those directly affected by these issues is essential for creating effective and compassionate solutions that truly meet the needs of individuals and their communities.

Have your say, let your experience lead the way.

Latest News

Caniad catch-ups begin!

Caniad’s first week of catch-ups has begun been a great success, last one tomorrow in Colwyn Bay. Come and join us next month in Central, East and West Wales to find out more!

New! Caniad Catch-ups

New monthly Catch-ups starting in April. Come and join us and find out about Caniad and ways you can get involved.

Question of the Month: April 2024

Question of the month (April 2024)

Moving On In My Recovery (MOIMR) Update: April 2024

Updates for April’s Moving on in my recovery groups across North Wales.

Free Mental Health Awareness Training for Bikers

Free mental health awareness training for bikers in North Wales

Cost-of-Living and Mental Health

Caniad asked at last month’s Big Chat what support was out there for people struggling with the cost-of-living and its impacts on peoples mental health. Here we share some useful information and advice.

Caniad attends North Wales Police Mental Health Awareness session in Johnstown

Caniad attends North Wales Police Mental Health Awareness session in Johnstown. Agencies, charities and services attended to support local community.

Anglesey Recovery Fair

Come to our Recovery Fair on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey to find out about what mental health and substance misuse services are available.

Crimestoppers Campaign: Exploitation linked to vaping in Wales

Crimestoppers have set up a new campaign to share information about criminal gangs using e-cigarettes and vapes to exploit young people in Wales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What we do ?

Caniad empowers individuals who wish to amplify their voices, drive impactful change, and contribute to the development of mental health and substance misuse services in North Wales.

Who do we support  ?

Caniad welcomes all individuals engaged with mental health and/or substance misuse services, as well as those who provide care and support to someone accessing these services. You can play a pivotal role in influencing decisions and shaping the future of mental health and substance misuse services by becoming a Caniad Involver.

Can anyone use this service ?

To become a Caniad Involver, you’ll need a referral, which can be initiated through self-referral or by another service. However, you’re always welcome to reach out to Caniad for information or attend our local drop-in sessions without a referral. If you’re interested in becoming an Involver, please click here to learn more.

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