We will be switching our Big Chats to monthly Catch-upsThese sessions will take place in the first week of every month and are specifically for those signed up or wanting to sign up to the service and will include:

  • Feedback on substance misuse and mental health services

  • News updates
  • Events and activities in your area
  • Involvement opportunities
  • Training opportunities
  • Expense, time banking forms available for completing and submitting
  • The power of stories: share yours!
  • Designated area for finding out what support is available locally
  • Peer support
  • Guest speakers (not at every session)
  • ‘Question of the month’
  • Refreshments

Please contact the coordinator in your area for further details:

Central Coordinator
Matthew Mosely: matthew.moseley@caniad.org.uk 07458017575
East Coordinator
Mel Williams: mel.williams@caniad.org.uk 07970 432987
West Coordinators
Kay Wheeler: Kay.Wheeler@caniad.org.uk 07487271310
Mhairi Allardice: mhairi.allardice@caniad.org.uk 07377886450

We look forward to seeing you at the first Welcome Catch-up!