Caniad catch-ups begin!

Caniad catch-ups have now started in North Wales, with our last one tomorrow in Colwyn Bay. Please come along to the next ones in your area. 

Come along to find out what services are in your area. Staff will be there to help with your time banking and new volunteer opportunities. 

New! Caniad Catch-ups

We will be switching our Big Chats to monthly Catch-upsThese sessions will take place in the first week of every month and are specifically for those signed up or wanting to sign up to the service and will include:

  • Feedback on substance misuse and mental health services

  • News updates
  • Events and activities in your area
  • Involvement opportunities
  • Training opportunities
  • Expense, time banking forms available for completing and submitting
  • The power of stories: share yours!
  • Designated area for finding out what support is available locally
  • Peer support
  • Guest speakers (not at every session)
  • ‘Question of the month’
  • Refreshments

Please contact the coordinator in your area for further details:

Central Coordinator
Matthew Mosely: 07458017575
East Coordinator
Mel Williams: 07970 432987
West Coordinators
Kay Wheeler: 07487271310
Mhairi Allardice: 07377886450

We look forward to seeing you at the first Welcome Catch-up!

Question of the Month: April 2024

We wanted to hear your thoughts on our Question of the month:
  • How can public services best meet the needs of autistic people?
The NHS says there is an “avalanche of need” over autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but the system in place to cope with increasing demand for assessments and treatments will not be able to cope. 

Moving On In My Recovery (MOIMR) Update: April 2024

Rowley’s Lane –Groups are face to face and for service users already known to Flintshire SMS only. Groups are usually run on a Monday. We do not take referrals for this group; if you have any queries about this group, please contact

Penrhyn House (North Wales Recovery Centre) –Groups run on Thursdays from 10am – 12pm at Penrhyn House. They also run an MOIMR group on Anglesey which runs on Thursdays from 2.00 – 4.00pm. Both groups can be accessed face to face and online. The groups run consecutively, and service users can join at any time during the groups run. Penrhyn House asks that service users contact them direct on 01248 352771 if they want to access groups there. More info on the range of activities available at Penrhyn House can be found here – Our Services – North Wales Recovery Communities (

Conwy SMS –Groups run on Wednesdays at the Dawn Centre from 11.00 – 1.00. Their latest group started on Wednesday 14th February. Groups are face to face and primarily for service users already known to Conwy SMS, but they do accept referrals for people living in Conwy who aren’t known to the SMS service.

Online Group –The latest group started on Thursday 15th February. This group runs every Thursday 2pm – 4.30pm and is accessed online via zoom. It is closed to new referrals but we are holding a wait list for the next group. I don’t have dates for this group as yet.

Attendants must be sober when attending meetings.  If they are not yet abstinent from alcohol or illicit substances, then they do need to be highly motivated to do so and be able to attend whilst not being under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances.

If possible, it is a huge help if you can give us clients email addresses as well as telephone numbers on the referral forms. This enables us to make contact and signpost service users to some online resources whilst they wait for new groups to start.

For more information on MOIMR and what the groups entail have a look at our website – Home | Moving On In My Recovery (

Please submit your referrals for MOIMR to me – and please specify which group your client is interested in. If you have any queries, feel free to drop me an email.

If you have any referrals for our CAMFA service which offers one to one counselling support for people with substance/alcohol issues or those who are affected by a loved one’s substance misuse issues, please can they be sent to