Crimestoppers Campaign: Exploitation linked to vaping in Wales

Today, Crimestoppers launches an All-Wales campaign which aims to spotlight the worrying trend in criminal gangs that are using e-cigarettes and vapes to exploit young people criminally and sexually throughout Wales.

Traditionally, gangs have used cash, trainers and food to groom and entrap young people, but with the NHS reporting a 9% rise in the number of 11–15-year-olds vaping, criminals have evolved their tactics and are now using vapes to target young people.

Our All-Wales campaign runs on social media from 10th January – 31st January 2024.

How you can support us

We’ve developed a suite of social media assets which you can download and share with your network. Click below to download the following:

•           5 English social statics (covering a range of thematic strands)

•           2 Welsh social statics (covering a range of thematic strands)

•           30 second Spotify advert

Alternatively, follow us and share our campaign posts on social media to help us amplify our campaign messaging to new audiences.

Download our social media schedule and assets here

Visit our campaign landing page in English here and Welsh here